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Common herbs and their benefits to health

Garlic health benefits
Although some of the stories about the healing properties of garlic are of questionable validity, most of the health benefits claimed by garlic is supported by modern scientific studies. The two main healing compounds of garlic allicin and diallyl sulfides include. Basically, garlic is a sulfur compound and a clove that has a stronger flavor has a lot of sulfur content and therefore more potential healing value. Some researchers have argued that organic garlic tends to have more sulfur content and therefore more health value.

Garlic has been used extensively in herbal medicine to treat many human conditions and diseases for many years. Many people claim that garlic prevents and treats everything ranging from the common cold and the flu epidemic of the plague. A lot of people talk about the health benefits provided by garlic remains not proven until today. But there are several health benefits garlic facts that were accepted worldwide. Among the accepted facts of garlic is its ability to help people manage blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels.

Modern research has shown that garlic is among the most powerful natural antibiotics that exist on Earth. The bacteria that cause infections in the human body are able to develop resistance to garlic the way of many drugs. Therefore, the positive health benefits of garlic can only endure for longer periods, instead of helping to antibiotic-resistant “superbugs” over breeding, research has shown that aged garlic is a powerful antioxidant and plays an important role in protecting the body against free radicals. Some scientists argue that the fermented black garlic has higher levels of antioxidants than normal. Some people consider that taking garlic supplements rather than the normal clove; take the pills and capsules and so avoid garlic breath.

Side effects
Just like many remedies, garlic is not perfect. Garlic breath is never pleasant. Garlic also have other demerits, especially when taken in excess. Given the fact that the raw garlic is very strong, we recommend that you do not consume a lot of it because it may cause problems such as damage or irritation to the digestive tract. In addition, there are some people who are allergic to garlic. Signs and symptoms of garlic allergy include headache, rashes, as well as the temperature. Besides, it can disturb garlic anti-coagulating much so it’s good to do away with it before surgery. You should always consult your doctor before using it in combination with other medicines. A study carried out in 2001 showed that garlic supplements can carry very dangerous side effects if taken with a type of medication used in the treatment of HIV/AIDS.

Nasturtium is an herbal remedy very delicious with origin attributed to South America. Is an effective remedy to treat the symptoms of internal bacterial infections as well as topical. It is known primarily for the treatment of skin diseases as well as those that affect the urinary tract, the digestive and respiratory systems. The parts of the plant are used are mostly leaves and flowers.

The healing properties of Nasturtium include:
• Antibacterial
• Antimicrobials
• Expectorant
• Softener
• Vulnerary Properties
• Antifungal

The main functions of Nasturtium include:
• Cure colds and flu
• Serves as an astringent
• Serves as a rinse for blonde hair and Red
• Source of vitamin c
• A natural antibiotic
• Is good for the skin
• Is cystitis
• Serves as a home remedy for hair loss or alopeci

The leaves of the nettle plant are among the most valuable herbal remedies for many human conditions. Stinging nettle is one of the richest sources of iron and so it’s a wonderful blood Builder.

Medicinal properties of nettles
• Astringent
• Race Bibs
• Nutrition
Ant rheumatic •
• Anti-lithic
• Stimulating
• Decongestant
• Anti-allergenic
• Anodyne
• Diuretic
• Natural Antihistamine

Nettle uses
• Treats arthritis
• Home remedy for high blood pressure
• Hay fever Treatment
• Solve prostate problems
• Stomach ulcer Treatment
• Serves as a blood purifier
• Relieves fluid retention
• Acts as an acne home remedy
• Serves as a home remedy for gout
• Stimulates hair growth

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